Updated 3.24.18

PCI-1: Vocal Master Class ($30)

Sheri Gould | sherigould.com | Lawrenceville, NJ

In a hands-on approach, we'll be discussing some of the most common vocal issues. We'll review and reinforce some basic vocal techniques and discuss vocal health. We'll go on to explore some more in-depth aspects of singing, such as: learning how to truly relax, developing your own unique style, song preparation and delivery, issues that affect female vocalists, issues that affect male vocalists, vocal techniques to avoid, extending your range, breathing and more!

PCI-3: The Ins & Outs of the Audio System ($30)

Doug Gould | WorshipMD | Lawrenceville, NJ

In this audio intensive, we will discuss a variety of different questions regarding sound systems. We'll provide answers to things like: What cables do we use to connect devices? Should we go with analog or digital? How do we set the proper gain from device to device? What busses/outputs are used? Auxillary? Sub-groups? Why would I ever use delay on an output? What is a matrix and why would I use it? Should I run the system in mono or stereo? What's LCR mean? What types of loudspeakers should I use? Why should I use a sub-woofer and how do I control it? Have another question we haven't mentioned here? Bring it with you and we'll tackle as many as we can!

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Updated 3.24.18 [Breakout list not final. Subject to change.