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Acoustic Guitar 101


Have you ever felt stuck when it comes to playing your guitar? Do you feel like your playing lacks creativity? Ever felt lost when the worship leader asked you to play a minor 6th chord or sprung a key change on you? From chord forms and strum patterns to basic music theory, this class will give you the tools necessary to bring some creativity to your craft. We will discuss the basic function of the acoustic guitar in modern worship and give you some practical knowledge you can use right away in your playing. 

Keyboards/Piano in Worship


Overwhelmed? Let’s get back to some fundamentals in playing keys for worship. No bells and whistles, just good foundational thoughts on keys, chords, playing with the whole band, sounds to use, determining how much and how little to play, and more…

Electric Guitar Tips & Techniques


The electric guitar has so many possibilities and sounds. Cory is an experienced lead worshiper, touring and studio musician, and will spend time elaborating on popular guitar tones, sounds, FX, and techniques used in contemporary worship. Bring your guitar, your FX, and your questions, and let's dive deep into the huge and exciting realm of electric guitar in worship!

Building Baselines


In this session we'll review the basics of rhythm and groove while locking with the drummer. We'll then move on to analyze basslines from several contemporary worship songs, focusing on chord tones, scales, rhythmic and melodic motifs, and rests. This will provide the tools necessary to create funtional, musical basslines for the common chord progressions found in worship music.

Drums: Playing Well with Others


This breakout deals with playing simple drum parts that groove and are easy for the other worship team members to play along with. The importance of playing in time and with dynamics is also discussed.

Dynamic Duos: Keys & Guitar


So…you have a keyboardist and a guitarist. You do contemporary music as well as some of the great hymns. How do these seemingly different instruments, with such varied sounds, blend effectively without stepping all over each other's toes, or distracting the congregation, or the band? Come to this insightful session and participate in the discussion as Tim and Cory banter about this great combination of instruments.

Dynamic Duos: Acoustic & Electric


Acoustic and electric guitar together again. In this session, the electric and acoustic guitar clinicians,  Chris and Cory will pair off and demonstrate the interaction between these two powerful and effective instruments. Listening skills will be discussed as well as how to best orchestrate the two instruments. If you share the platform with one of these instruments, this will be a very informative session to attend. You're encouraged to bring your guitar!

Dynamic Duos: Drums & Bass


The drums and bass are literally the heartbeat of any band. If these two instruments don't lock, groove and move, well…that's just very bad! Nick and Justin will demonstrate the effectiveness of listening to each other and dissecting the groove. From ballads to uptempo music, these two instruments can make or break the overall goal of the music. Bad shouldn't be an option! Join us for this session and be prepared to jump up on one of the instruments and show off what you learn!

Getting Your Groove On


So, you have a band scheduled, the songs picked out, a vision for the service, and everyone is there, ready to rehearse. Now what? How do you take all these pieces and create a worship experience that brings people into the presence of Jesus and transforms lives? We'll walk through a rehearsal session of familiar worship songs and watch how they develop into a congregational worship experience.

Using iPads for Worship With OnSong

Jason Kichline | OnSong

​Learn how to use iPads with your worship team to be more organized, play more music, and engage your congregation. Jason Kichline will cover how to make the most of these versatile devices through OnSong and other apps.

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