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Mixing Monitors

Doug Gould | WorshipMD | Lawrenceville, NJ

It's safe to say that the platform volume level has seriously degraded the front of house (Main Mix) in our churches, especially the small to mid-sized church. How do we mitigate the levels of sound coming from the stage so that the congregation and musicians all hear what they need to at an appropriate level? Floor monitors and wedges are also the leading cause of feedback and we will show you how to "ring out the monitors to reduce the possibility of that occurring. What advantages do personal monitors afford over wedges? We'll teach you tips and techniques to make everybody on the stage and in the sanctuary, happy.

Microphone Applications for Modern Worship

Doug Gould | WorshipMD | Lawrenceville, NJ

This is where it all begins in live sound reinforcement. Learn to limit your potential problems and maximize better audio for your church by gaining valuable insight to how choose the right mic and put it in the right place.
We’ll also discuss how to maximize the level of desired sound and reduce the effects of undesired sounds; reducing the chance of feedback; why fewer mics sound better than more mics; tips and techniques for vocalists, drums, guitar cabinets, choirs and acoustic instruments and more. 

20 Steps to Better Sound

Doug Gould | WorshipMD | Lawrenceville, NJ

You don’t necessarily have to spend money you don’t have to improve your sound. Sometimes the small things can make a big difference. In this seminar we’ll walk through some very simple changes you can make that will have a positive impact on your mix.

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