Updated 3.24.18

What Does Surrender Look Like?

Chris Voigt | Dayspring Fellowship | Keizer, OR | chrisvoigtworship.com

Surrender is the heart of our worship, but few of us really know what a surrendered life looks like. We’ll take a journey through one of the most beloved Psalms to discover nine traits you find in the life of someone who is surrendered.

The Case for Creativity

Chris Voigt | Dayspring Fellowship | Keizer, OR | chrisvoigtworship.com

Advances in neuroscience have taught scientists much about how the brain processes information. Big business, with their advertising budgets have made effective use of this data to influence how we spend our time and money. But, how might we use these insights to help people connect more deeply with God?  In this class we’ll discuss these discoveries and learn how understanding them can help us design meaningful and memorable worship services that move people to take steps of obedience.

10 Things I Hate About Leading Worship

Chris Voigt | Dayspring Fellowship | Keizer, OR | chrisvoigtworship.com

With tongue firmly planted in cheek, Chris will take a look at some of the top "frustrations" we all face in our roles as worship leaders. No one ever said that being in ministry would be perfect, but sometimes we expect that it should be! We're all part of the body of Christ? Shouldn't this be easy? Join us as we check our perspectives and refresh our mindset. You'll be encouraged!

Bridging the Gap: Effective Communication from the Stage to the Seats

DeeDee Voigt | Dayspring Fellowship | Keizer, OR

Actions speak louder than words.  And that’s just as true in a weekend service as it is in life.  In this session we’ll look at ways to help your entire team communicate effectively from the platform. Whether you’re working with vocalists or players who’ve got an instrument in their hands, body language communicates powerfully to the congregation. Do the facial expressions and movements of your team emphasize the message or detract from it? Come learn how to coach your entire team to “speak” authentically and confidently from the stage.

Lead With Confidence!

Keri Cardinale | Sprig Music

It's easy to conform to the styles and sounds of other worship leaders. But God didn't call them to lead your congregation, He called you. This session will help you to discover your true voice so that you can lead with more confidence, and connect with your congregation in an authentic way.

Don't Throw in the Towel!

Keri Cardinale | Sprig Music

​You have the desire to lead worship and to lead it well. But you battle with thoughts like, “I’m not good enough,” “Does what I do really matter?” or “I’m not cut out for leading worship anymore.” Sometimes, we just need to stop, take a breath, and allow God to rewire our thoughts. This session is designed to help you uncover what’s been holding you back and find ways to move forward.

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