Updated 3.24.18 [Breakout list not final. Subject to change.

Lighting Lessons 101

Rebecca Taylor | Browncroft Community Church

Learn the basics of three point lighting for video and live production, how to get started when you have no money, and how to pull in the right volunteers that can help even though they have no professional stage experience.  

Stage Design on a Dime

Rebecca Taylor | Browncroft Community Church

Take the intimidation away from stage design by learning simple and inexpensive techniques that can be applied to every stage.  Learn where you can cut corners and where you can't and how to use your stage to its full potential.

Storytelling: Inspiration in the Chaos of Video Production

Rebecca Taylor | Browncroft Community Church

Video storytelling is not for the faint of heart. The creative process must be understood before the basics of video storytelling can be learned and implemented. This breakout will cover both the idea of storytelling and practical steps to implement storytelling into your ministry. Learn the art of preparation, interviewing, and editing to create stories that support the ministries at your church.

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